Obamacare – It’s A Trap! The Poverty Trap On Steroids

It is complete insanity now that demoncrats are now saying barackobamacare is allowing people more freedom to choose between work, spending time with their families and pursuing their dreams. The claim is that it provides lower costs allowing a dual income family to not have to have the second job is a bold face LIE! People are now having to go find jobs to pay for obamacare when the opposite which was promised should have happened. We are supposed to be saving money not losing it. Those already employed are seeking part-time jobs to supplement their income to pay for obamacare. They are taking jobs from the unemployed! You see you have to have a job to get a job so who do you think is getting hired right now?!

Jobs are scarce as it is and this law is putting more people on the street. No one can get ahead when they are working less, yet radicals like Reid and Van Hollen would have you believe otherwise. No one can pursue their dreams on a lower-income or even being jobless. You need money to finance that dream, banks are loaning money out to the avg Joe/ Jane to pursue their dreams starting their business or whatever!