Welcome to the US Police State: Iowa Family ‘Terrorized’ in SWAT Raid

Stormtroopers love the opportunity to ram a door on SUSPICION of crime. The “suspects” previous history gave police just cause to ram a door in on a search warrant vs a simple knock on the door! One “suspect” had history of assault and domestic violence from 13 years ago, the other “suspect” a concealed carry gun owner (Army vet), so that gave police the excuse to use excessive force. Ok fine we get it a horrible crime was committed and the “suspects” were considered high risk, that crime requiring excessive force…
credit card fraud.

They needed a SWAT team to raid the house to recover $1000 worth of merchandise bought with a stolen credit card!

If that isn’t over the top the real reason why I share this with you is that during the raid one surveillance camera was ripped out and another blocked by a stormtrooper! The outside one I’m sure it will be argued was to cover police entrance but it would appear it was removed after entry. The second camera inside the home being blocked was clearly done after entry; if you’re not doing anything wrong why are you covering people’s cameras up?

If you ask me this search warrant could have been executed with a simple knock on the door REGARDLESS of an OLD criminal history and a present registered gun owner! Good guys register their guns and apply for permits to conceal carry, and guys with domestic violence records who haven’t done anything in 13 years usually have learned their lesson!

This is just another example of why people have lost trust with law enforcement as the power and force of a police state grows in America. How can you justify excessive force and destruction property over credit card fraud when there are stone cold killers on the streets!? Oh and that merchandise bought with stolen credit cards was never found!

Ankeny Police ‘Traumatize’ Family
by Aaron Brilbeck | WHOtv
REPORTER NOTE: We have some new information regarding the story we reported Monday night on a search warrant that was executed at a Des Moines home. The search was conducted to recover about $1,000 worth of items purchased with a stolen credit card. Ankeny police spokeswoman Captain Makai Echer says they consider several factors when deciding whether to send officers similar to a SWAT team to a house to serve a warrant, or simply knock on the door.

In this case, Echer says, officers looked at the suspects’ criminal histories and whether there could be firearms in the home. Of the three suspects that were present in the home, one has a violent arrest record for two assaults about 13-years ago and a domestic assault.

Another suspect does have a permit to carry a weapon. Echer would not comment on whether that played a role in the decision. She would also not comment on whether it was appropriate for a police officer to rip a security from the front of the house after officers had already entered.

We’ll air an update to this story in the Channel 13 News at Ten Tuesday night.

Original story
Members of a Des Moines family say they were terrorized in their own home by Ankeny police.

Sally Prince is afraid to stay in her own home. “I’ve been so traumatized. I don’t sleep at night,” Prince says.

On Thursday, Ankeny police executed a search warrant looking for someone they suspected of using stolen credit cards to buy clothes and electronics.

The whole search was caught on surveillance video...more