9 Year Old Competitive Shooter Schools NJ Gun Grabbers

Shyanne Roberts gives you hope about our youth that the country’s future isn’t doomed under the grip of progressives.

This mature 9 year old took the NJ gun grabbing legislature to task over the proposed bill, A2006, to limit semi-automatic magazines to 10 rounds. Shyanne was very articulate in her speech of how negatively this bill will affect her competitive shooting career and how well versed she is in the handling of weapons.

Pointing out her education on government, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution she calls the legislature out to uphold their oath of office and not violate citizens 2nd Amendment Constitutional right. Shyanne also pointed out it is not right to punish law-abiding people for the crimes of others. She more or less spelled out to the progressives that guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

You should know 5 gun grabbers in the NJ assembly ignored her plea, went ahead to vote and pass this bill which is now headed to Gov Christie for signature or veto. My money says Christie will sign it into law! Chris Christie is no conservative, he is a progressive who is pro-gun control and will gladly jump on the anti-gun bandwagon. But don’t you worry there will be more clips of him putting hecklers and lefty loons in their place to distract you from who he really is while the left and certain networks prop him up to run for POTUS in 2016!

h/t SaveJersey.com, Fox Nation