Dems Stage Anti-Issa Show on House Floor

FACTS never seem to matter to the closet communists infesting our government, or whats left of it! Let’s set the record straight once and for all over Cut Mic-gate. Many times during past hearings Issa has allowed Cummings to speak freely outside his allotted time. Oversight Committee members had already been given the opportunity to make a statement. Regime patsy Lois Lerner refused to answer questions on her role in the IRS scandal so Chairman Issa ruled the hearing was done since she won’t talk and adjourned. At that point Elijah Cummings started carrying on like a baby, his mic was cut. We all saw the video we know what happened, he said he had a question to ask. Fine Issa sat down and said what is the question… Cummings went into a rant attacking republicans where Issa had enough and left. Issa made it clear the hearing was already adjourned he allowed Cummings to ask a question but instead chose to rant.

Rep Issa did not break any rules, he did not mistreat Cummings, he was not racist or whatever else the communists are claiming. The hearing was adjourned and Cummings went into a pre-staged rant for the cameras to take attention off Lois Lerner once again taking the Fifth protecting the imperial regime. If you have done nothing wrong why take the Fifth? Furthermore her testimony months ago started with abroad statement followed by I plead the Fifth in which many argued she waived said rights. That is why she was brought back to testify because she waived her rights last year!

Commies in DC are virus that need to be rooted out. The people in this video are a result of the ignorance of voters shame on all of us! And if those among this group up for re-election survive the midterms then you only have yourselves to blame America! You want DC to take responsibility then start with yourselves and who you put/ allow in office when you refuse to vote!