Rep Cummings EXPLODES After Rep Issa Cuts Mic During IRS Hearing

So as predicted Lois Lerner who apparently is innocent and did nothing wrong once again took the 5th refusing to answer questions at todays IRS hearing. Since she doesn’t want to talk Rep Issa adjourned the hearing and then fireworks flew! Cummings didn’t approve of how Issa was conducting the hearing claimed he had a question to ask but began to make a long-winded useless statement. Issa clearly had enough and cut Cummings mic who then exploded carrying on pushing regime propaganda that there is no evidence and the expenses in running these investigations and hearings while the nation goes broke!

Yes that’s right one of the many responsible for the nation being deeply in debt had the audacity to whine about the costs associated with this alleged witch hunt! Elijah Cummings it is time for you to retire. How dare you carry on about spending when this hearing is about that very problem in this country! One of the primary issues the TEA Party and conservative groups targeted by Lerner, under the direction of the White House, is over the out of control spending and corrupt politicians like Cummings! The hypocrisy of his statement is just mind-blowing when you think about it!

The only reason this is being deemed a non-issue by dems like Cummings is because all the witnesses have clammed up and IMO lying about who gave them the order to target conservatives and the TEA Party. Of course no one is going to roll on the admin so the investigation and hearings on the surface do have the appearance of being wasteful. Lerner is the key to it all should not be granted immunity or any other procedural offering to talk because we know she will not tell the truth even if she was. You can bet the regime had a very deep private talk with her to keep her mouth shut!

Full hearing with Lerner pleading the 5th 9 times!