Obama Budget Director’s Stunning Refusal to Admit President’s Plan Hikes Spending

Not one person connected with this corrupt administration will give a straight answer to a straight forward question. Sen Sessions exposed another member, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, of this corrupt admin expecting Congress to change a law, Ryan-Murray budget just signed 10 weeks ago, so they can spend an additional $56 billion of tax payer money! The obama REGIME is completely out of control with spending, among other things, and it must be stopped. America you have one shot left to stop the insanity this November to hold power in the House and take control of the Senate. Americans would rather have the last 2 years of obama’s reign of power left a stalemate with nothing getting done rather than risk more abuses of power & wasteful spending. The only way that can happen is if conservatives get elected replacing corrupt demoncrats and RINOs infesting the nation’s capital.