Treasury Secretary Defends IRS Bonuses, Asks For Additional Funding

Jack Lew says the abuse to 501c4 applicants is unacceptable but still justifies bonuses for IRS employees! They screw us and then want a bonus for it! Yea that pretty much is what is being suggested here when you swipe away all the sugar-coating! Sorry I don’t care if Joe/Jane Doe working for the IRS had nothing to do with what happened and apparently is still going on against conservatives and TEA Party tax exempt applicants. Since NO ONE will talk (ahem Lois Lerner) at the IRS then they all should be punished! This is the course Congress should be going and yes if you want to call it blackmail or holding the bonuses hostage for testimony then so be it. Enough of playing nice and doing things by the book, Congress should withhold all bonuses to IRS employees until someone tells the country who gave the order to attack conservatives and TEA Party groups.

We know in our gut the order came from the imperial throne room via the boy king or most likely Sub-President Jarrett, but until someone names name I think the agency as a whole should be punished! If you agree you should hammer your Reps and Senators to stop the bonuses going to the IRS… it’s your money! Otherwise we might as well start rewarding criminals when they rip people off if we’re going to do it in the IRS!