Rep Issa to Megyn Kelly: Rep Cummings “Hissy Fit” Part of Pre-Staged Event

Have you noticed how no one in the crap media was talking about Lois Lerner taking the 5th but how Issa was racist, so abusive and out of line following yesterdays failed IRS hearing?! I don’t consider what Issa is saying here conspiratory as too many progressives ran to the cameras making outlandish claims against him for simply following the rules. They all of course selectively forgot about how PIGFACE Waxman was borderline psychotic with the gavel in 2008 threatening to have Issa physically removed during an EPA hearing when he simply pointed out parliamentary procedures.

Way too convenient and the rhetoric too similar to conclude anything else than Cummings staged his hissy fit to keep everyone off topic. Progressives are experts at diversion where folks on the right fall for it time and again. Remember like Issa explained Elijah Cummings is not new to how things work in Congress he knows the rules and knew the hearing had adjourned but threw a fit for the cameras to keep attention off Lerner who is protecting the imperial regime who gave the orders for the IRS to attack conservative and TEA Party groups.