O’Reilly: America In Decline “We Are in Trouble”

(Ignore the messenger listen to the message)

And why is America in decline getting weaker? Because we have a man occupying the white house who is drunk with power fundamentally transforming the US into a third world Banana Republic! It doesn’t end there though we have an impotent useless Congress who cannot see the president has rendered them irrelevant by remaining silent as he bypassed them time and again. Then we have the drone army that elected obama twice who will eventually take to the street someday whining when all their free stuff goes away!

People are making less money as taxes, health insurance and basic living costs go up under the boy king. There are fewer jobs indicating we are not in a an economic recovery.

The regime has overworked our military after promises to bring them home and end wars. Then to make matters worse has cut funding and plans to bring our military down to World War II levels.

Social decay of society tied to a corrupt news media, educational system and bad influences from Hollywood and the music industry (all in bed with the white house) have the nation on a path of self-destruction. We not only have to completely change the power structure in DC but also the culture of America otherwise the nation is lost permanently!