Gov Rick Perry Says Obama Threatened Several Governors: ‘I Do Not Trust You’

Texas Gov Rick Perry gave a summary about the meeting governors had with the imperial emperor last monday at the National Governors Association Winter Meeting. It’s no surprise the imperial emperor took a negative tone with them because being a community organizer, an adjunct professor (or whatever it is he was) never even running a lemonade stand qualifies little Barry to be potus. What kind of man who calls himself president looks at leaders from around the country and tell them I do not trust you on education, transportation infrastructure, energy policies etc? To top it off the boy king apparently threatened them that anyone who speaks out will hear from him!

Perry like many gov’s is very concerned about the cuts to the National Guard but it would seem the threat his majesty made had some impact because we haven’t heard much from any of the governors! Nothing like a little intimidation and threats from the dictator in chief!