Jonathan Hoenig: Obama is Accelerating the March Towards Tyranny by Promoting Statism

Statism is just another way to say communism and his majesty has executed implementing it into American culture very well, just as many in Russia promised would happen during the Cold War. No war, no massive conflict but destruction of the US from within! Obamacare provides his majesty the vehicle he needs to implement statism/ communism under the guise of fairness, equality etc etc

obama isn’t a statesman, salesman or a pitchman. He is the Reality Star in Chief who is a student of communism the left loves to dismiss. His mother, father, grandparents were communists. Obama’s mentor Frank Marshall Davis a known communist and of course his pal Bill Ayers a hardcore anti-American radical with communists beliefs. The man is systematically destroying the US in subtle ways to avoid the shock and awe so many are expecting so as to react and actually do something to stop it!

Jonathan Hoenig is right but I think accelerating the march to tyranny is an understatement. If the midterm elections go the way many believe they will with a shift in power to the republicans (hopefully with conservatives at the helm) everything obama has done to date will be dwarfed between election day and Jan 2015 when the new Senators and Representatives get sworn in. His power grabs will be on steroids during that period of time while he will still have Harry Reid doing his bidding in the imperial Senate!

Looking for something to be concerned about folks? Be concerned the day after the midterm elections if the dems lose big! Knowing this should put why so many are trying to put an end to his power grabs now!

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