Obama Pushes For $300 Billion In Spending On Roads, Railways

Investment is DC talk for stimulus which is just more American taxpayer dollars being spent wasted. Why do we need this investment in the first place? The emperor himself claimed we are no longer in a recession but in an economic recovery! Where are these roads and railways going to take people exactly since we make nothing? The US is not the industrial hub it once was that helped rocket it into superpower status. Jobs & industry have moved out of the nation via redistribution of wealth to Mexico, China, India, Malaysia etc. All you have to do is look on the bottom of products you have in your home or the tags inside clothing to know this is true. With that in mind exactly how by building roads and railways will our economy turn around?

The best way I can explain what his majesty is proposing is through a visual because what he wants to/ is doing is no different from what the Chinese are doing.

Obama’s plan to build roads and railways lead to nowhere…

….just like Chinese ghost towns and cities!

It’s wasteful spending for economies propped up by printed money that are hanging on by a thread. There is no recovery the economy is as bad now as it has been for years. Building more roads and railways is just a pathetic act to give the illusion the US isn’t in economic dire straits. This stimulus is just to keep people occupied and distracted while Rome continues to burn.