Progressive Radical Blames TEA Party for Ukraine Crisis: TEA Partiers “Are Being Bullies in the Same Way That Putin is a Bully”

This creature Jehmu Greene is one of the most despicable progressive radicals on the political circuit. It (I refuse to acknowledge Greene as a woman or human being) constantly has this smirk on its face as if everything is funny and joke when legitimate issues are brought up against the imperial empire. It is always regurgitating regime talking points as if they are tattooed on the inside of its eyelids and is quick to blame everyone for his majesty’s failures.

This thing has now taken the blame game to a new level to blame TEA Party conservatives over obama’s failed foreign policy claiming Congressional TEA Party representatives are holding up aid to the Ukraine! Last time I checked it was obama who turned his back on the Ukrainians who were promised protection after giving up their nukes. Facts always seem to be left out from progressive radicals looking to point the finger of blame.