Obama Plans to Give Up Control of the Internet

When you have a lefty and righty agreeing this shift in power and control of the internet makes no sense you should be quite concerned!

I think it’s pretty obvious why the imperial emperor is handing the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) power over to the world body… the web is the last bastion of freedom, news and resistance from tyrants! The US maintained control where anyone and everyone got online without any resistance from what they would post up on their website or blog. That will all change when whomever takes full control. Some suggest a tax is on the way while others fear censorship. You see boys and girls you speaking your mind online is a threat and since ICANN also controls some of the traffic it makes sense his majesty wants to relinquish that power to a body who will have no problem cutting traffic off to anyone causing problems by sharing the truth. Many countries are heavily censored on the web and have limited access. It is safe to assume these countries like China and Venezuela will be part of the new controlling body of who gets what internet name and traffic!

This is just another check box being marked off by the guy who promised to fundamentally transform the USA. I’m sure all the lib rags will be protected pushing propaganda but those of you like yours truly who speak your mind don’t be surprised when no one sees your material anymore! This is huge and barely getting any attention from our so-called elected leaders esp this exclaiming to be champions of the Constitution and free speech. Elections have consequences and those of you who stood by this monster occupying the white house have blood on your hands. I will maintain that position as long as the site is up, I have access to the web or am forced onto a soapbox on a street corner!