Propaganda Minister: Doubling Number Of Guest Workers ‘Would Be A Direct Benefit To The Bottom Line’

Immigration reform will stimulate job creation!? Job creation for whom, illegals? This is absurd to suggest letting more people into the country will benefit the nation. Once upon a time immigrants had to have a skill, high education or something to offer the nation to get in so that you would contribute to the nations growth and not be a burden! How times of changed where we have 100 MILLION Americans out of work and no one is talking about creating jobs for them!?

Why does the regime want jobs to go to illegals and not Americans? Oh wait that’s right they don’t care about Americans and really don’t care about illegals except for the fact that as long as they pander to them and find a way to legalize ILLEGAL ALIENS they will return the favor with votes! This is all about corrupt politicians finding ways to stay in power. Progressives want to build a permanent voter base that will lead to eventual one party rule in America.