Rep Gowdy on Lois Lerner: I Did This For 16 Years, Trust Me We Can Get Her to Talk

Lois Lerner needs to be held in contempt of Congress period, it’s no longer up for discussion. Gowdy, Issa and company need to stop playing these games with this witch who is protecting someone, obama or Jarrett (if not both!), in the white house.

The “this” Gowdy is referring to is his previous career as prosecutor suggesting he knows a few tricks on how to get Lerner to talk; probably making her an offer she cannot refuse! What I do not understand is how they let Lerner take the 5th after Gowdy made it clear last year she waived her 5th Amendment rights when she made her opening statement. It was because of that very action she was called back today! If Lerner has done nothing wrong why play the games and pull the 5th AGAIN? There should be no doubt she is protecting someone and sitting on more information than people know. If she is in fact getting death threats that should be all the more reason to testify because she will be given protection in exchange for testimony.