Rep Louis Gohmert: President Obama Has Weakened US Standing In The World

One of the last few true representatives of the people offers solutions that quite frankly should have been coming out of the white house! Gohmert ran through a list of things we could do to help protect the Ukraine and punish Russia, but instead the boy king thought putting ineffective sanction on a few Russian radicals would be sufficient. If I was in Poland or other eastern Europe countries I would be very concerned now and the worst part about I wouldn’t know who to turn to for help since the US is out of the game under little Barry.

All obama’s pathetic sanctions did was show the world just how weak the US is now. Russia is just the beginning of a new uprising you will see around the world now. A new precedent was set out enemies now know there is nothing to fear anymore from the US! This is what fundamental transformation looks like on a global scale where the power of the US is no longer feared… evil will rise!