Charlie Rangel: TEA Party “Are Mean, Racist People” Who Cherish the Confederate Flag

The only racists I see or hear are the race hustlers like Rangel calling anyone who opposes the lefts agenda a racist! According to this destroyer of the Republic anyone who is pro-Constitution, small government, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, believe in God, sharing a myriad of conservative values etc (i.e. traits of the TEA Party) who are in the Southern US are “Dixiecrats”/ racists who cherish the Confederate flag.

Uh huh and anyone who is against the Constitution, wastes tax payers money, defies the rule of law, wants big government, panders USES minorities (their own people) to achieve political power increasing their personal wealth while demonizing success & capitalism who attacks heterosexual, God-fearing, whites is what Charlie a saint?

Shame on all of you New Yorkers who have allowed this tax dodging, Constitution destroying race hustler to remain in power for far too long. I DON’T CARE ABOUT HIS MILITARY SERVICE to this nation. I am tired of Rangel and a few others being given a pass over their service for the division and outright destruction they are leveling on this country. I do not know what it will take at this point for people to wake up. I think even if you all see these people putting a stick of dynamite under your ass you will still do nothing to remove them from power!