Senator Dianne Feinstein: CIA Hacked Congress and Possibly ‘Violated’ Constitution

The Senator asked for an apology!? Oooh don’t go too hard on them Frankenfeinstein you might hurt their feelings! Does this twit really expect the CIA to answer to her?! Would have been nice to hear the level of anger when peoples rights were trashed!

How does it feel Congress? You guys trivialize the injustices committed against the American people but now even you have had your rights violated. This just goes to show that you are not Gods nor exempt from Big Brother. I guess now that Congress’s privacy has been violated now something MAY be done about the CIA’s abuse of power. I hope they aren’t expecting the DOJ to do anything about it though since no one in the regime including agencies will ever be held accountable for any crimes they commit as long as Holder is in power protected by emperor obama.

Question to ask is who authorized putting eyes and ears on ALL Americans, yes even you treasonist backstabbers in Congress? That question will never be asked let alone answered. This little episode of Big Brother should raise eyebrows making ones wheels to spin wondering what does the CIA have on some of these people in Congress? Sen Lee already suggested that the Company MAY have dirt on Chief Justice Roberts following his move to uphold obamacare. You have to wonder about all those politicians who have done some questionable things even turning their back on their constituents was possibly motivated from higher powers sitting on some dirt about them!!