Cliven Bundy Responds to His Controversial “Negro” & Slavery Statements

Bundy has been under fire for his racial statements that folks are tired of hearing about by now. Does his beliefs on race, right or wrong, matter in this case/ battle with the feds? The issue still at hand that gained most people’s support was over the govts overreach and abuse of power towards private citizens.

Let’s assume Bundy is a hardcore racist, does that mean it’s okay for the feds to march in a small army to enforce a court order pointing guns at Bundy’s family and supporters over cattle grazing fees? Is the govt/ BLM the good guys now for seizing land because Bundy “often wondered” if blacks were better off as slaves vs under the thumb of govt bureaucracy?

If Bundy’s or anyones beliefs on race do matter when the battle is over an out of control govt why? Why does ones beliefs on race matter when the bigger picture of their battle our battle is about a govt out of control seizing land, taking property and the use of excessive force? Where do you draw the line in supporting someone once you learn about their other beliefs? You may vehemently disagree with someone on an issue but if they are under attack for something you too could fall victim of do you abandon them over the disagreement? Most people will agree guys like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are hardcore racists but if the govt was moving to silence them seizing property do you stand down? Remember that same attack and abuse of power used towards your enemies may someday be used against you! Yes we have to know who and what we are standing with and there are instances where you have to distance yourself from people disconnected or unhinged but if there is a fundamental issue which affects or will affect many do you abandon the cause?