Rush: Anybody That’s Not an ‘Obamaite’ is an Enemy of the State, We Are Being Governed by a Genuine Minority

Democrat party has been dead for quite sometime they are in fact socialists but even worse many identify as progressives who are nothing but patient communists! They are vicious and borderline militant towards anyone who goes against their radical ideology. Like Rush points out ask the victims who have been on the receiving end of these radicals and they will confirm what most of us know. Here is the problem they are a minority yet have so much power, how did that happen?

We the people are deemed enemies of the state when we disagree with these minority tyrants out of fear from being attacked for speaking our minds. You don’t want to rock the boat, upset people etc so you remain silent by a handful of people. We see this tactic everyday and Americans as a whole hate and condemn it. What is it? Terrorism! Terrorists utilize the same tactics of psychological warfare which is quite similar to the tactics of the left. A few strikes here and there to leave an impression and then all they have to do is issue a threat and everyone backs off.

Reagan said the US will not negotiate with terrorists,but it turns out the people have bowed down to those who terrorize us on our own soil!