Ex-DHS Watchdog Altered Or Delayed Reports At Request Of Admin Officials

We look to inspector general to hold agencies accountable but here we have et another example of how we cannot trust anyone in DC. If we have IG’s who altered or delayed reports the sky is the limit on whatever else people tied to the most corrupt admin in US history are doing. Any hope of getting to the truth about Benghazi, IRS scandal or even Fast & Furious are futile at this point. It’s silly to expect Holders DOJ to do its job since they are as dirty as all the other depts of this corrupt administration.

53% of Americans polled think either party represent the nation while another poll shows 37% of voters fear the federal govt! This nation is on life support in so many ways a restart is coming we are most certainly on that disastrous deadly course. With only a few rebels in DC representing the people you have to wonder when the dust settles who will be left standing to pick up their pieces?