Hillary Struggles to List Accomplishments as Sec of State

This witch could not list one accomplishment as Sec of State. Everything she touches, like obama, goes to shit! This is what progressives do though, they manipulate their way up the ladder really doing nothing other than holding a title. So now she like the emperor has a long political resume but all that is on it are titles held. She has done nothing unless you one considers lying, assisting in running the country into the ground, destroying relationships with other nations and getting four Americans killed accomplishments.

You know what these people are? They are the political world’s version of reality tv “stars” like Kim Kardashian & family! Kardashian like her USELESS family has done absolutely NOTHING to get where she is/ they are, aside from porno and now has their own army of drones that treat them like royalty. The Kardashian’s ARE NOT entertainers, don’t make anything, have no talents or skills but are now super-rich with all the accolades just like elitist politicians!

I am sick of the clicks, the in-crowd, popular kids they think they are special and deserve everything handed to them just because they are a Clinton, Bush or Kardashian! They are all do nothing wastes of flesh who drive wedges between people they have somehow convinced they are the example of how we should all be like. No you are the epitome of everything that is wrong with this country!