Cavuto: Obamacare Actual New Enrollees = 1.2 Million

Cavuto says he is being generous with the 1.2 mil he is crediting the regime of having enrolled in barackobamacare. If you ask me it sounds like the regime is using its own form of math via Common Core to come up with the 7.1 million sign ups they have been bragging about. There is still an estimated 45 mil people without insurance where are they? This crap law was to provide insurance to those 45+ mil at the cost of the millions who had insurance policies they were happy with!

This is what progressives do though they destroy something to replace it with something they claim is better for political gain. No doubt this law was written to be a disaster to open the door for single payer because there’s no way with all the intricacies of obamacare they didnt know and just threw this law together. 2200 pages of power and control that would drive people mad begging for a simpler solution. That will happen when the delays finally expire, the chaos ensues under a GOP dominant Congress who will be blamed for the mess. The door is open for to 1) throw out the GOP b/c “its their fault” that the demoncrats will campaign on saying they have the solution. People won’t care because they will be too mad elect the destroyers into power once again and well you know how the rest will play out.

Progressives are patient communists this plan of theirs has been in the works for years and the stupid GOP is falling for it… AGAIN!