Opie & Anthony Slam Obamacare

(Language Warning)

Doesn’t matter who you are everyone is getting screwed by barackobamacare, they were happy with the plans they had and lost them. You can tell by Opie & Anthony’s description of the mountain of paperwork they have this crap law is designed to even screw with people when it comes to filling the paperwork out so the govt can nail you for not filling it out correctly! It is just a question of time until we start hearing about people who think they have insurance go to the hospital for care only to be denied. It is inevitable deaths will result directly because of this destructive law forced on the nation by a corrupt Congress and a Chief Justice, who should be removed from the bench!

Champions of the Constitution no longer care about the damage this law is doing. They have shifted working on bills to make it work embedding it even more into the system which will make it next to impossible to repeal. Mark my words if.. IF the GOP has a majority this crap law won’t be repealed they will make excuses “that too many Americans will be hurt if the law is repealed”.