Mark Levin Goes NUCLEAR On Holder: Stop Whining Big Baby! Start Doing Your Job! You’re Pathetic!

Holder like obama uses his skin color to divert attention off his crimes & injustices committed against the people of this country. The Great One is right Holder is a pathetic big baby who runs to Al Shaprton’s NAN RACIST gathering to amp up the grievance industry. Folks you do know Congress has the power to impeach Holder don’t you? They can under Article II, Section 4 and we need to put pressure on the do nothings to initiate impeachment proceedings since he has already been held in contempt of Congress over Fast & Furious.

Aside from going after reporters Holder letting the Black Pussy Cats off, all around dereliction of duty, corrupting and weaponizing the DOJ to go after obama’s, and his, political enemies should be grounds enough to impeach this race baiter. He is as much a disgrace to the office he holds as the boy king. Pressuring Congress to impeach him will also let us know who is just blowing smoke and who is serious about restoring this nation.