Mark Levin: We Will Not Be Dictated To By an Imperial President, Period

The Great One in typical fashion called out all the enemies of the Constitution and the Second Amendment in his NRA Annual Meeting speech. He blasted everyone from libs over their inability to understand basic english and the use of commas in the Second Amendment to French Republicans who are useless, and as much of an enemy to the Constitution and the Nation as their lib brothers and sisters.

Levin’s closing words to the media, obama, radicals running the nation into the ground really says it all “we’re not going anywhere this is our country and we’re staying put.. and we’re right and you’re wrong!” There are many who feel this way but as I have argued here the energy levels of 2009/10 are non-existent right now. Folks need to get out of this funk they are in and bring the fight to the progressives front door.