The Kelly File: Obama Reportedly Plans to Bypass Congress on Immigration

The lawless president is going to push the envelope again with his magic pen on immigration. The 22 Senators who are challenging him better take things up a notch but let’s be honest folks there is only so much they can do as long as the corrupt Harry Reid runs the Senate.

The immigration system is broken, make no mistake about it, but why is it broken?! The system is broken because Congress has refused to enforce the laws already on the books, they are not treating illegals who have already been departed as felons while the regime is double counting deportees twice for political gain. They choose not to secure the border and any discussion of border security has to be part of a comprehensive law! WHY? Power money and control! The three things that are always at the root of every issue. Congress will only act when it benefits them and their lobbyists.

The only reason advocacy groups want illegals legalized is because they want the votes for the politicians they support to advance the radical agenda. None of these people care about illegals only what they can give them ☛ votes.

Dennis Michael Lynch is right when he calls out the hypocrisy of guys like Reid who say we are a nation of laws but are selective to what they enforce. Again politicians are the problem with immigration not the current immigration policy. Most important thing you should take from this is when Lynch nails it saying “the American worker is going to get crushed” from what obama plans to do with illegals. Obama is a complete hypocrite and liar really when he says he wants to get the economy rolling and create jobs when we know illegals are taking jobs from Americans and they HAVE driven wages down in this country. Remember what they make here at minimum wage is more money than they will ever see in their native country.

Obama must be stopped, his power must be reigned in by Congress, but as long as Reid is running loose in the Senate and Holder is running the DOJ we are screwed! Let this be a learning lesson folks as to why elections are so important.