Sheriff David Clarke Says He Would Add “Keep Your Hands Off Our Guns Dammit” to the Second Amendment

Sheriff David Clarke is the model example of what we the people expect from our law enforcement leaders. Frankly what Clarke said in this speech is what we want to hear from all our leaders from local government to the oval office. Those who are out to reinterpret the Second Amendment along with our other rights are not our friends, they are not looking out for our best interests. These activist judges, corrupt politicians are opportunists who climb the political ladder to enrich themselves and their radical agenda. When you have men and women take something so clearly stated and unambiguous as 2A who try to tell you what it says it doesn’t really say you need to remove them from power.

The Second Amendment is the people’s last line of defense when all other options fail to stop tyranny. The moment you allow progressive to reinterpret the law and restrict it you have in fact set the ball rolling for a monster power grab and loss of rights. It doesn’t stop there though, progressives see they get no resistance taken one right away they will quickly act to take other rights away. Clarke understands this and holds his oath to protect and defend freedom at the highest level. We need more men and women like him in public office.

Those of you in law enforcement who are actively engaged with the encroaching police state of America you better take a look in the mirror. Those of you abuse the law you swore to uphold are on your way out as much as the radicals you bow down to!