Judge Pirro Destroys “Dirty Harry” Reid and BLM Land Grab

The Judge’s opening statement tonight was epic in destroying Dirty Harry Reid. She exposed what the real motivation was/ is behind the BLM going after cattle rancher Cliven Bundy. You can see it in Pirro’s eyes and in her speech she was hungry to be a prosecutor again from her investigation into this standoff. In a nutshell Reid and his family are engaged in enriching themselves over the land and is why the standoff was called off. Prying eyes were getting too close to Dirty Harry’s interests, safety was not at issue and it never was.

The Bundy standoff was never about the man but the continuing abuse of power, use of excessive force and overreach by this corrupt govt. It is also about the true intentions of the corrupt in DC
and their land grabs for profit. Pirro’s dismantling of Reid shows one side which is corrupt politicians, like Reid, looking to enrich themselves but the govt is grabbing this land to use it as an asset. Why? The US is $17T++ in debt, we don’t have the money to pay off any of our creditors like China should they ever call in that debt! The US however is RICH with natural resources that the feds could use to payoff that debt should the day ever come by directly handing it over or auctioning it off. Don’t say it can’t happen, China has influenced Ecuador do to just that over the $7B they owe… the US is on the hook for $1.3TRILLION with China!!

Reid took to calling we the people domestic terrorists to change the narrative in typical Alinsky fashion. He is dirty, we need some strong prosecutors to jump in and blow this wide open because the land grabs continue even in Texas! The feds don’t care who owns the property either they want it they will take even property that is paid for!