Megyn Kelly: New Emails Show Rep Cummings’ Staff Asked IRS For Info On Group “True The Vote”

Now you can see why Elijah Cummings threw such a massive hissy fit a few weeks ago and the other DEMONCRATS have been against any further investigation into the now weaponized IRS. Cummings has been caught in bald-faced lies now as True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht explains to Megyn Kelly. Where are the other House members to speak out and condemn Cummings though? This man like the majority of dems is out to destroy anyone who opposes the liberal/ progressive agenda and will use any govt agency at their disposal to see it through. This admin and current roster of Congress has accomplished intrusions a level of fascism on this nation progressives of the past only dreamt of! This is tyranny folks and its mind-boggling how the American people to this day remain silent if not still in the dark.

Folks keep talking about how a day of reckoning is coming in the midterm elections, I don’t see it. The energy level and activism in 2009/10 was 100 times higher than it is now. If you’re waiting for someone to come along and do something I got news for you they aren’t coming! You are going to have to be that guy/gal!

This govt is completely out of control acting outside the rule of law using agencies WE FINANCE against us! And to all of you who work at these agencies attacking fellow Americans you’re gonna be held to answer for the things you’ve done, you do know that? Don’t you?