Ret Supreme Court Justice Stevens: Change Second Amendment to Remove “Any Limits” on Govt Power

Thank God Stevens wasn’t in SCOTUS when Heller & McDonald were being decided! We were spared that he retired but if anything this just goes to show you how important elections are because we are now at risk over the next two years from obama appointing a justice who feels the same that could be the deciding vote on the next Second Amendment case!

Hearing Stevens speak and his desire to change the Second Amendment should also strengthen Mark Levin’s argument for term limits not only for Congress but also Supreme Court Justices. In the age of obama and the rise of progressives our civil rights, especially the Second Amendment, are under sever threat. Without the Second Amendment there is no First, Third, Fourth etc Amendments. It is irresponsible and very dangerous really to hear a former SCOTUS Justice suggest taking the last power of the people over government away. Here’s the thing though, Stevens doesn’t know his history well because the Founders felt the people as a whole are the militia. We have to look at the words and how they were used 200+ years ago to understand what they meant. But with progressives erasing history it’s only a matter of time until they find a way to wipe out what the Founders said and meant!

Pray the conservative leaning Justices stay healthy and do not retire while obama is still in power.