Obama Delaying Keystone XL is a Major Political Move

So the imperial emperor preaches the US is in a recovery talks about energy independence and the need to create jobs yet has again punted the ball on the XL Keystone pipeline!? This wouldn’t have anything to do with his 1%’r pals like Steyer or better yet Warren Buffett who is position to make a lot of money from moving the oil via rail lines and truck routes does it?! Hmm what? Yea that story was conveniently buried in 2012 just as Glenn Beck made it public the crap media moved in and plastered the wires with news of Buffett’s non-life threatening cancer.

Only obama would be preaching we need to be energy independent and the need to create jobs to only contradict himself and kill a large project that would get us closer to that!

The XL Keystone pipeline is a project the majority of republicans are behind, and some demoncrats, where if it was approved the right would once again be proven correct. Well we can’t have that in an election year with so many demoncrats up for re-election can we? So as usual his majesty waits until Good Friday to announce another delay! This guy has a habit of document and news dumps on fridays, especially around holidays, to hold his power while controlling the media. Anything and everything that will hurt demoncrats in the midterm elections is being delayed by this corrupt president.