Wasserman Schultz: Democrats Win Elections Because Republicans Nominate Extremists

I wouldn’t say the problem with the republican party is with conservative “extremists” getting nominated. The problem with the republicans is the progressive extremists aka establishment GOP have squandered elections by railroading true candidates who can win! For example, Ken Cuccinelli could have won in the Virginia governors race coming back on his own within only a few points no thanks to the establishment GOP bailing on him. They didn’t like him and stopped supporting him 2-3 weeks before the election. So who is the real extremist? The guy who almost won with no help or establishment GOP who didn’t like his message. Wasserman Schultz is a master at propaganda and twisting words around, she wants you to think that if you select primary challengers like Matt Bevin over progressives like Mitch McConnell you are nominating an extremist. Last time I checked McConnell hasn’t done squat for conservatives and has been reportedly adamant to destroy the TEA Party & conservative candidates like many other progressives in the GOP are planning to do.

All Was-a-man Schultz has confirmed here is that the establishment GOP is in fact helping their progressive democrat brothers and sisters stay in power. It has nothing to do with voting for an extremist. How is wanting to follow the Constitution, rule of law, being fiscally responsible and keeping government out of the people’s way extremist?