Krauthammer on Obama’s Legacy: He Has Two Years Left “And He’ll Probably Worsen It”

There is no doubt that in the next two years obama is going to make things worse not only in foreign policy but domestic. He has handed the torch of superpower status over to the Russians who are now reconstituting the Soviet Empire.

Fundamental transformation will not be complete until the entire US economy and healthcare system are in shambles and no one around the world trusts the US. He is 3/4 of the way done running this country into the ground with the help of progressives. Obama is fulfilling every single one of the US’s enemies dreams ☭ of destroying us from within without the need of firing one shot! We are a divided nation no thanks to the progressive movement where is you speak out against their radical agenda you are labeled a racist, warmonger, neocon etc.They are successfully tagging every single problem on the backs of republicans even the failure of obamacare. You are witnessing the biggest setup in US history for political gain. Progressives know they will are in danger of losing the midterm elections, but that’s ok because when everything comes apart that they put into place the republicans will be blamed. This will open the door for a massive electoral win in 2016 which could very well shift the balance of power to democrat/progressive control indefinitely!