Rush: The Biggest Problem We Have With Voting Is Illegal Voting

As long as demoncrats are in power there will always be illegal voting. The majority of examples we have seen voter fraud is from the left they cannot win debates and their message so they must rig elections. The coming midterms will be plagued with massive voter fraud because so many demoncrats reign of power is under threat. The imperial emperor’s grip on the US Senate is at risk so you cane sure the dead and cartoon characters will be voting in mass. If anyone comes forward to speak out against these tactics of the left or call for voter ID laws they are immediately attacked and called a racist. To make matters worse no one speaks out to counter these false charges because they too fear being labeled a racist.

Why this country allows the left to implement Alinsky tactics to silence their opposition time after time is beyond me. You know it, you see it, but you stay silent. Not to speak is to speak, not to act is to act America, and you have set a dangerous precedent. YOU have empowered the left by bowing down to the racial terrorism they have committed on the nation. When are you going to wake up and…

There is a simple solution to slow down/ potentially stop illegal voting, voter suppression, voter fraud or whatever else pundits conjure up that all parties should agree on. Those that don’t support what I will be proposing will be proven without a shadow of a doubt they in fact want suppression, fraud and the people divided. I will unveil this simple solution as soon as I can get some support from Congress or organizations with the network and money to make it happen.