Rush: The Road That We Are On Takes Us Back To The Great Depression

I got news for Rush and anyone else who agrees we’re on the road that takes us back to the Great Depression, we are already in a depression, a stealth depression!

I have written tirelessly on this topic to deaf eyes and ears. It doesn’t matter who the pundit is whether it is Rush, Glenn Beck, Hillary Clinton, Neil Cavuto, Larry Kudlow etc all at one time or another will use a phrase that sounds something like this:
“We haven’t seen an economic environment like this since the 1930’s Great Depression”.
Got it? You know what I mean you have heard the Great Depression referenced many times as a comparison to our current economic state. All pundits love to make that comparison but stop and say we are in the Great Recession.

What is wrong about these people saying this is they leave out how the numbers today are far worse than they were in the 1930’s! “How can that be there are no food lines, job lines, people living in Hoovervilles?” The imagery of the depression we are all conditioned to associate with have been replaced with social entitlement programs thus stealth depression. EBT cards, welfare, unemployment insurance benefits, federal housing assistance programs etc etc have all replaced those images from the 1930’s. The jobs numbers today are not even calculated like they use to. The reported unemployment rate is 6.7%, the U6 is at 13% but the true rate using the old calculations has been holding at approx 23%!

The powers that be are out of silver bullets frankly to save this economy. The Fed has been pumping printed money by the billions into the market every month but the economy is still dragging. Jobs aren’t there for the 100 million out of work because industry has left the US to foreign lands that use cheaper labor and production costs. Corporations, unions and government are responsible for the transfer of wealth out of the US.

Everything we know with the depression has been masked because if the very word/ phrase was used “we are in a depression” the markets would collapse. The economy is on life-support as it is, do you really think the powers that be want the “D” word used?! The last depression was bad but life went on because people knew how to survive or did what they had to survive because they were educated as to how to survive. Some had money after taking a hit others lost it all but life went on. That all has changed now that govt has engineered a dependent society thus a market collapse would be followed with chaos!

Rush is right it is going to be ugly because govt has allowed things to escalate beyond people’s ability to KNOW how to survive on their own.


America’s Collapse Will Look Like the Great Depression
Transcript from Rush Limbaugh Show
….I do not want to be misunderstood, this last caller. I know exactly what he was saying. We’re on a dead end course. We’re headed to nothing working. Everything’s gonna fail. We’re gonna bottom out. He was, I think, saying we’re have to bottom out before anything is going to get fixed. Now, all I’m saying is, I want to know how this is going to happen.

You know, I happen to hold the same view that the course that we’re on is going to equal catastrophe and destruction. But at the same time I’ve been hearing it my whole life. My dad was telling me when the national debt was $5 trillion, how it’s gonna be the end of the country, and here it is 55 years later and there’s no end in sight to it. We’re not getting a handle on it.

Nobody’s engaging in any repair work or proposing any policies that are gonna fix this, or even change direction. We’re keep adding to the debt, we keep creating entitlements, we keep paying people not to work. It… (interruption) What’s an unnatural circumstance? (interruption) Well, no. In this case I don’t know that Obama’s race is a factor. Whether Obama’s black or Martian, the number of Americans who expect to be taken care of and want to be is growing….

…The whole thing about it collapsing, to me, I ask, “How many times did that actually happen?” The Roman Empire collapsed, the Mayans ceased to exist, but it doesn’t happen to everyone. I mean, the Chinese are still the Chinese. They’ve had their Ming Dynasties, other dynasties. They’ve got communism. The same thing with the Russians and the Soviets and so forth, but they’re still there.

Now, I wouldn’t want to live in any of those places, don’t misunderstand, and I’m not being purposely naive here to stoke conversation. But if you’re gonna start talking about the death of a nation or the death of civilization… See, I think there’s always gonna be an America. Even if the left wins everything, there’s always gonna be an America. It just may not be the America that was founded. .…more