Krauthammer: The Left’s Discourse Toward Mozilla CEO Is ‘Totalitarian’

The minority tyrants/fascists of the “tolerant” liberal/ progressive left strike again! They will march and protest about their rights and freedom of speech but if anyone goes against their grain invoking his/ her rights and freedom of speech then these fascists attack. They attack so viciously at times its borderline violent, and that attack 99% of the time is to completely destroy someones life… for simply speaking their mind!

And what does the opposition, the right do in response to the viciousness of the left? Nothing! Ohhh hey everyone delete your FireFox browser we’ll show them! Yeaaa they couldn’t careless about all of you out there deleting a program from you crackphone or computer. Money talks.. you want to hurt them go after the money. Go after any enterprise theses groups profit off of. I’ve said it a million times I’ll say it again the EXCUSES given by conservative talk radio hosts and other pundits to not engage in Counter Boycotts no longer holds water. Conservatives have got to stop playing nice with these SOBs and go after them on their own “turf”. Boycott the companies and organizations but also those who support them. This OkCupid should not only be boycotted but any and all advertisers should be targeted as well! Anyone who came out supporting them and the ousting of Mozilla’s CEO Brendan Eich should be boycotted. Deleting a browser isn’t going to hurt anyone grow up!