Fmr Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino to FreePAC KY: This is the Renegade Republican Party That Goes After Sellouts on Both Sides

“… you’re going to leave tonight part of the new Republican Party and this new Republican Party, this is the renegade Republican Party! This is the renegade Republican Party that goes after sellouts on both sides join the rebellion today sign up no experience necessary take it back today!”

Bongino’s speech is brought to you by Freedomworks and yours truly a fellow rebel!

This is a great speech Bongino pulls no punches speaking the truth that people need to get into this fight. A lot is riding on this election to get the country back under the control because of barackobamacare but because of what it represents power and control among the power elite that DO NOT CARE about any of us! Like the man says this is our party we need to throw the phony establishment out. The talk of third party needs to end we need to take over the party run the SOB’s out of office or into the arms of their progressive bothers and sisters in the democratic party.

Make those calls, knock on those doors and get 10 people registered to vote!