Texas Rancher Claims Federal Government Planning to Seize His Property

Another story about the government moving in to take more land from private citizens. They don’t care if the land is paid for in and you hold a deed if they want it they will take because that is what happens under a tyranny.

The one question missing from all these stories now is why the government is seizing all this land? Conservation, preserving endangered species are excuses for something IMO more sinister. I will bet all these ranchers are sitting on land rich in minerals and natural resources. To the govt these are assets they can use when the time comes to offset the debts they have racked up over the years to foreign investors like China. When the time comes and our creditors like China call our debt in how do you think this incompetent govt will pay? They will pay the debt off by auctioning this land and resources off; similar to what occurred in Ecuador.

Remember the govt has the US on the hook with China for $1.3T, the Chinese compelled Ecuador to sell off land over $7B in debt, what do you think the Chinese will do to us?