Time to Believe in the Good Guys Again

This is a great ad! The message you should get from it is that it is time to stop being silent, stop with the political correctness, that it is okay to cheer for and be the good guys! The left hates patriots, people of honor and has done everything possible to put people who care for their country and the rule of law in a corner. It is our fault the left has done the massive amount of damage to this nation because too many are fearful of upsetting someone saying or doing something the left deems unacceptable or offensive. Why would you want to be around those type of people in the first place? Stop being silent, stop being complacent be that guy (girl) and rock the boat.

Yes the NRA is about protecting gun rights but you must understand without the Second Amendment there is no First, Third, Fourth etc! If you aren’t a fan of the NRA fine join another gun rights group because the forces of evil, and that is what they are, aren’t going to stop until the people are disarmed. The reason whatever this machine the left is building hasn’t been switched completely on yet is because of the Second Amendment. Do your research look at what has happened in other countries first… they disarmed the people then the nightmares followed. So like they say in the vid its time to believe in the good guys again because the good guys are the ones who have kept this nation and brought this world out of darkness.