Senator Lee Reacts to Administration’s Announcement to Selectively Enforce Immigration Laws

While we appreciate rebels like Mike Lee speaking out against this regime fact remains none of our elected leaders are doing anything about obama’s power grabs. Congress is irrelevant because they sit around doing NOTHING to stop obama, instead they come on air and whine about him. The system of checks and balances like immigration is broken, and it was Congress that broke them! Obama is violating the law daily with no regard for the precedent he is setting. You would think dems would be concerned knowing someday a republican could rise to power and do exactly what obama is doing but it doesn’t phase them. They know when they get their way and amnesty is passed they will have permanent voting block to keep them in power. They are playing the long game while the useless republican party led by progressive John Boehner plays the short game.

Boehner is as much a danger on immigration reform as obama because the two are on the same page. Boehner defines hypocrite to call for amnesty to get pushed through when he himself said Congress cannot trust obama with another important law he will rewrite on the fly as he does with obamacare. So what is it Johnny? One minute your boss is a problem the next minute you’re attacking your own? Thanks for making it clear as day you are a fraud for those still asleep.

America, immigration reform of any kind cannot be permitted to come to the House floor for a vote. The risk is to high that even if it is shot down it could end up in Conference. The progressives know this and are probably counting on it. You know obamacare is a complete failure, destroying jobs, lives, the healthcare system as we know it. Immigration reform will be as big of a bill if not larger than obamacare, so do the math on the chaos it will create. There are far too many people sitting on the sidelines who are against immigration reform. You need to get up and speak out, stop worrying about being labeled a racist, bigot and a hater. That job you’re concerned about protecting won’t be worth protecting if the SOB’s in DC open the flood gates to illegals! You care about your family, job, lifestyle then you should be enraged that this corrupt govt will once again push an agenda no one but them wants! While you sit back too busy to do something your enemies are marching forward, if immigration amnesty gets passed life as you know it in this country will be over. If you haven’t learned your lesson yet to get active and speak out from obamacare you will when amnesty is passed!