CO School Indoctrinating Kids Against Fracking

How many more vids are out there of kids pushing leftist anti-oil/ anti-cracking/ ANTI-CAPITALISM like this? Look I get it you lefty loons want everyone riding bikes and our homes powered by seaweed but it’s not going to happen! You want to junk the tv and radio airwaves with your propaganda against oil and fracking fine go ahead. Plaster the web with it too but LEAVE THE KIDS OUT OF IT!

You SOB’s are crossing the line when you are actively indoctrinating even brainwashing kids against current energy policies and new safer technologies to extract natural resources. It’s amazing how you lunatics attack energy producers in the US who are produce our energy in the safest cleanest manner possible while ignoring the big polluters in China, India etc!! You care so much for the environment your okay with them having smog so thick they have massive screens erected to televise a sunrise!

Oh and this is brought to you by the Bureau of Land Management in CO! Yes when they aren’t sending in a small army to collect cattle grazing fees they are busy indoctrinating our kids!

ht/Reveal Politics