Feinstein Calls Benghazi Select Committee a ‘Lynch Mob’

Yea whatever Feinstein leaves out, should I say dismisses the fact of new information released because of Judicial Watch. Information Congress failed to gain access to where we now know e-mails circulated around the regime to bury Benghazi behind a LIE of a video NO ONE watched! In a way she is right they had several investigations and they all came to the same conclusion, but now with all those emails/memos popping up telling a deeper story that goes right into the white house people know the ‘lynch mob’ is onto something!

IMO any democrat coming out like Feinstein against any further investigation may have actually played a larger role. The gun running program to Al Qaeda could very well reach into members of Congress so they are of course motivated to bury the Benghazi story. Look at the IRS scandal, Rep Cummings and Sen Levin were two of the biggest opponents of any further investigation. More poking around reveals they both played a role in the IRS targeting citizens. We can expect a similar story for Benghazi that there will be Senators and Representatives who are just as dirty as those in the white house.