Pelosi: New Benghazi Probe ‘Not Necessary’ But Dems Will Participate

Yea Pelosi we have already been here but then Judicial Watch got hold of documents Congress didn’t have access to, or what they had was redacted! Why has Nanzi done a 180° on this select committee? Over a week ago she was brushing it off, asking can’t we talk about something else besides Benghazi!

You want to know why the dems are now onboard and will participate with this committee? They have one goal, and it should be obvious with her picks, to sabotage and stonewall the truth from getting out! These demoncrats are nothing more than bodyguards for the regime to keep the truth from getting out completely about the admin running guns to terrorists!

As for her comment on the two families against any further investigation give us names! Reports of a distant family member calling a congress member who left voicemail message isn’t acceptable as fact; it’s here say! Until we hear directly from all of the families Pelosi is a liar (whats new). Let’s once and for all get the families on record where they stand with this investigation instead of relying on second hand information from someone who cannot be trusted. I think most Americans will agree that they find it hard to accept these families let alone any family would be against getting answers on how but rather WHY their loved ones were killed!