Glenn Beck: GOP Now Stands For “Guardians of Power” in DC

The establishment GOP has put the final nails into the party’s coffin after screwing Chris McDaniel to preserve Thad Cochran’s seat of power. The Grand Old Party (GOP) is truly dead they are now, as Beck states, the Guardians of Power. These people have Z E R O principles, morals and ethics. They will do whatever they have to do to stay in power. Their policies are democrat-lite.

The two-party system as we know it is completely dead. Yes, yes we have been saying this for a long time but there were/are still remnants of the Old Republic fighting to stay alive. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Louie Gohmert, Trey Gowdy are examples of those remnants of the Old Republic.

Your parents republican party is now all but dead, they are at the least democrats of “yesterday”. The democrats of today are without doubt socialists if not closet communists. Both are progressives with one agenda, money power and control while they screw each and every one of us over. . .

We are going to have to go through the dark tunnel America. We have had our share of warnings and exits all ignored. In the example of McDaniel v Cochran, Chris might as well run as a write-in. “But that will take votes away from the “republican” Cochran!” No it won’t, a vote for Thad is a vote for a the democrat so what difference does it make?! If it means the loss of a republican seat to a democrat for writing Chris in then so be it. That is the course this country has chosen. The last two years was the time to get third party candidates into low-level positions. Had we started that in 2012 they would have a better standing for the coming 2014 midterms and 2016 elections. The window in taking over the republican party with conservatives is closing rapidly. The GOP has become as vicious as the dems towards anyone who threatens their power. This nation chose to go with who the GOP forced onto us and look at us now! They went too far this time and a price will have to be paid. Those of you in the GOP prepare to go the way of the Whig Party.