Major Surge of Illegal Aliens at Southern Border

I’m just about out of words over what is happening at our border as America is being invaded! This manufactured crisis is all the political PR progressives need to get amnesty through. The House bill, created by Reps Ryan and Gutierrez, is more than likely ready! People you need to speak out and demand our border be secured immediately while making it clear to DC NO AMNESTY!

Judge Napolitano and Dennis Michael Lynch both expressed the outrage many of us have over what is happening but we do not see it from ANY of our leaders including those labeled rebels of the GOP! Where are you Louie Gohmert, Steve King, Trey Gowdy, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz etc?

Napolitano nailed it, obama caused this whole thing at the border with his speech on DACA, but let me add he also did it with the help of Congress! Obama is violating the law and encouraging illegals to break our laws with no resistance from Congress because they want to pass amnesty.

Dennis Michael Lynch has been warning about all of this being on the front line documenting it all which has clearly been ignored by the masses! America listen to what Lynch is saying again “entire villages are emptying out”, health risks, financial costs etc! This is Cloward & Piven people and no one is doing anything to stop it!