Michael Eric Dyson Blames ‘Right Wing Media & Conservative Politicians’ For Las Vegas Shooting

Wow this race hustling progressive just lumped everyone in the conservative movement with the two lunatics who killed 5 in Las Vegas! Dyson left out the fact that conservatives and TEA Party Americans are not anti-government but are against big government.

According to this radical the right needs to shut up because a few loons will take the discourse, which the left starts ALL THE TIME, to the extreme and act out! Uh huh and what about lefty loons? The left, which he conveniently leaves out, has its share of hardcore radicals who have done their damage too! If memory is right a number of mass killers were leftists and lets not forget the recent manhunt for a climate changer suspected of being in possession of ricin and building bombs! Then there are the Occupy Wall Street nuts who wanted to blow up a bridge and we can’t forget about Bill “I blew the Pentagon up and will do it again” Ayers!

The vicious assaults 99% of the time come from the left but Dyson wants the 5 Ed Show viewers to believe otherwise. Calling the president out for being a liar and lawless is not vicious, it’s fact. To blame, or suggest blame, on conservatives and the right for the action of two lunatics who were even kicked off the Cliven Bundy Ranch is irresponsible and only helps create more divide. Based on Dyson’s history of divisive and racist rhetoric it’s safe to assume that is his goal here. He has no intentions of keeping things civil and you can be sure NO ONE on the left will abide by his call for civility….