Michael Savage Goes Off on Insane Corrupt Obama

Michael Savage explodes expressing the anger many Americans are feeling. Obama has put this country on course for total destruction at this point. Do you know why? Because he can!

The border is being invaded no thanks to his lax immigration policies. People we cannot and shouldn’t care for are rushing the border which has really become a nation security issue. Americans health is now at risk as countless illegals from third-world nations enter with measles, TB, chicken pox and god know what else. Criminals and OTM’s (other than mexicans) are coming across who once they are in are bused or flown to a city near you to wreak havoc!

In Iraq obama has cut and run fulfilling his promise to get us out but at what cost? ISIS is now rising taking control of the country seizing oil refineries and chemical weapon stockpiles as they build an islamic caliphate. They will not stop until Jerusalem, Vatican and finally the US fall! Obama’s answer to the rise of power is to do nothing other than send in a small contingency to secure a billion dollar embassy and whatever secrets that lie within it!

The countless scandals, abuses of power, violations of the law etc continue to pile up and no one seems to care to do anything to stop the imperial emperor.

In a normal sane world Congress would have stepped in by now to stop this madman president. Instead we have 535 enablers of this madman who will take the US off the cliff. That anger Savage expresses that you feel shouldn’t be directed at Congress though, get mad at yourselves America! You have allowed these people to stay in office for far too long never holding them responsible for the crimes they are committing against the US. Since you don’t hold them accountable they have no reason to hold emperor obama accountable! This is our fault…