Nancy Pelosi Claims Unemployment Insurance is a “Job Creator”

This witch and the demoncrat party along with their RINO pals have done nothing to get this economy going. Only a complete moron would suggest unemployment insurance is a job creator. Entitlements do not create jobs, it puts money into the economy but where did that money come from? People pay into the system but the system is tapped out because the economy is on life support. Those receiving UE benefits aren’t going out on spending sprees feeding the economy spurring economic growth, they use what little they get to care for themselves and their families putting food on the table, a roof over their head and pay what bills they can!

So where does the money come from Pelosi wants Congress to allocate for extended UE benefits to cover for the lack of jobs and weak economy she and Congress are responsible for?? More printed money from the Fed that devalues the dollar adding more fuel to the inflationary fire! This is a vicious cycle that will never stop until you remove those responsible for the mess we are in. These morons have never held real jobs or ran a business. They never had to meet payroll or stay within a budget. The disconnect from reality shows when twits like Pelosi speak!

Before anyone takes shots at me keep in mind I’m long-term unemployed and I have NEVER taken a penny from the govt!